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Tollefson & Company Investment Management, LLC is a registered independent investment advisory and consulting firm. Based in Austin Texas, Tollefson & Company manages equity, fixed-income, balanced and socially responsible portfolios.

Our clients are individuals, estates, trusts, corporations, educational institutions, corporate and individual retirement plans, endowments and foundations who want the security of trusted active management.  We treat investing as a partnership with each client, creating customized investment plans with a highly personalized approach.


Tollefson & Company manages portfolios to achieve long-term growth of principal while minimizing risk.  We focus on the long-term financial goals of the client while accommodating unique needs and preferences.  We have been successful in managing the preservation of capital, providing asset growth and maximizing current income through different market and economic cycles.


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Our philosophy


The most important member of the partnership is the client

Our approach to investments begins with the client and our commitment to build a long term relationship.  We establish a partnership and learn the investment objectives of our clients through in depth conversations.  We analyze factors such as income requirements, time horizons, risk tolerance, taxes, and diversification.

The most important member of the partnership is the client.  We listen carefully and strive to incorporate any special requirements into the management and servicing of the portfolio.  Close contact with the client ensures our responsiveness to changes in the client’s needs and objectives.  This accessibility and the high level of integrity with which the portfolio is managed are all designed to enhance each client’s confidence.

Understanding the client’s total financial picture is essential to the successful development of the client’s unique investment strategy.  The portfolio is built with assets to achieve the client’s specific investment goals.  Development of appropriate asset allocation is essential to the process.  We take a comprehensive approach to our client’s investments and carefully consider how the portfolio we manage integrates with other client holdings such as stock options, real estate, retirement plans, and trusts.  Structuring and implementing an investment plan is careful and judicious.  Initial investment and restructuring existing holdings is a gradual process as we are sensitive to tax issues, stock concentrations and phasing into the market.


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custom Portfolio


We apply experience and fundamental investment beliefs to Each portfolio

Each portfolio is individually managed.  Led by Chief Executive Officer and founder Kirsten Tollefson, our firm treats investing as a partnership with each client, creating customized investment plans with a highly personalized approach. Each portfolio is managed separately and is not managed against a standard portfolio model. Transaction costs and tax consequences are always considered, however never precede prudent investment decisions.

Sound judgment and market perspective guide the management of the client’s portfolio.  We offer our over twenty-five year investment expertise to achieve the client’s unique goals.

Diversification is crucial.  We diversify investments to provide stability and capture returns from favorable assets classes. Strategic asset allocation and periodic rebalancing ensures that the portfolio continually meets the client’s specific investment policy and appropriate portfolio structure given current market conditions.

Prudent fixed income management plays an important role.  We select individual high-quality investment grade fixed income securities to fulfill specific client income needs, provide diversification and serve as a source of liquidity. We utilize preferred shares, corporate bonds and U.S. government securities.  Tax-free investments are used when appropriate.

Performance is measured against the client’s specific objectives.  We use benchmarks appropriate to the specific asset classes in each client’s portfolio as additional indicators of performance.  This customized performance reporting accurately reflects the true returns within the portfolio.

We are tax efficient and sensitive.  Investment decisions are not driven by taxes; however, our client’s after-tax returns and various tax complexities are considered. Our low trading turnover rate minimizes large capital gains and takes advantage of capital gains tax rates.  We work closely with our client’s tax professionals when appropriate.

Portfolio reporting is tailored to each client.  The client is able to track the portfolio through reports confirming transactions, account holdings, valuations, current income summaries and investment results.  Taxable portfolios receive capital gain and loss reports on an annual basis.

Open communication is essential to delivering the highest level of client satisfaction.  Managing each portfolio is continuous and fluid.  It is critical that the client’s portfolio keep pace with life changes as well as adapt to the dynamics of the market.  Communication allows us to be responsive and flexible in our portfolio management and service.


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Kirsten Tollefson, CEO and Founder

Kirsten Tollefson is Chief Executive Officer and founder of Tollefson & Company Investment Management, LLC.  Her over thirty years of experience includes serving as Senior Vice President at Resolute Capital Management, where she was a member of the Investment Committee.  At Resolute Capital Management, she developed corporate retirement plans and socially conscious portfolio strategies.  Following her ten-year tenure at Nye, Parnell & Emerson Capital Management, Inc. as Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Kirsten was President of New Century Capital Management, LLC.  There she managed individual, corporate and retirement portfolios and was involved in research, marketing, corporate management and administration.  Kirsten joined Shearson Lehman Brothers in 1987 and began her career at Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith in Washington D.C. in 1986.

Kirsten attended Sweet Briar College and Rice University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree.  She has been involved in various charitable organizations as a board member and in a volunteer capacity. The vintage photo above is Kirsten's childhood home, The Crown C Ranch, Sonoita, Arizona.


Callie Kimbell, Portfolio Associate

Callie Kimbell is a Portfolio Associate for Tollefson and Company Investment Management, LLC. She is responsible for maintaining client accounts and data in the portfolio accounting system; distributing quarterly and annual client tax reports; overseeing reconciliation and communication with back office outsource companies and custodians. Callie graduated from The University of Texas, Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Her previous work includes a background in SEO web marking, working as a personal assistant in the entertainment business, and she continues to foster animals for the Austin Animal Shelter. Callie lives in Austin, Texas.


Gina Purdy, Administration and Development

Gina Purdy serves as Administration and Development Coordinator for Tollefson & Company Investment Management, LLC.  Gina flew for United Airlines for 26 years where she headed up their local Seattle United Way Campaigns and Holiday Fantasy Flights for underprivileged children and Make A Wish recipients. She also worked closely with the FAA as the AFA Safety Chair representing the flight attendants, assisting in accident investigations and helping to improve aviation safety regulations. Gina has worked for St. Therese Catholic School for 5 years as Development Director and Volunteer Coordinator. Gina attended Seattle University and the University of Washington and along with her husband Kit is a proud Husky season ticket holder. She has been involved in many charitable organizations and is currently a board member of the SYC Foundation. As northwest natives Gina, her husband Kit and their dog Bella Marina share a passion of the water and are avid boaters.


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Contact Us


 Pursuing the unique investment goals of each client

Kirsten Tollefson   /  Chief Executive Officer  |  phone: 202.363.6128  /  202.230.2379

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